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Pepperl+Fuchs elektronske novosti br.5 Oktobar 2011
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Momentum nova adresa
Od 01.07.2012. Momentum se nalazi na novoj adresi Fruškogorska 55, a kako doći do nas pogledajte na stranici kontakt...
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Elektronske novosti Horner APG
Elektronske novosti iz Horner APG, Novembar 2011

Santerno Factory Ispection Certificate.

Factory Inspection
20 September 2011

After the strict control carried out in Santerno's plants, the company obtained by TÜV Rheinland the Factory Ispection Certificate.

The certification confirms that Santerno's products meet the criteria of "Made in EU" drawn up by the Italian GSE. All our products are in fact designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Italy.

With TÜV certification, Santerno ensures that installations made with their products can access the 10% premium in the Italian feed-in tariff, as stated in the " Application Rules for the Recognition of the feed-in tariff", provided by DM 5 May 2011 (Quarto Conto Energia per il Fotovoltaico - rev. Agosto 2011).

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Momentum d.o.o. Fruškogorska 55, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, Tel./Fax.: +381 22 625 010, Mob: +381 62 252 818, +381 65 2622 066, Email:
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